A Soldier’s Armor — Hidden in Christ

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Hiding Place  

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What’s more reliable than dialing 9-1-1? Psalm 91:1
Don’t be deceived. You cannot properly prepare for an emergency during an actual emergency. Equip yourself daily with a psalm of deliverance God personally responds to whenever you call His name in truth. Cover yourself, family, and loved ones with the time-tested text from Psalm 91 set to music, Hiding Place. Entreat the Eternal Refuge to bring your soul confidently into a safe haven of rest at all times.

David “D-Mun” Munford, Jr., Producer
Kathryn Joy Foster, Executive Producer
Kathryn Joy Foster, Composer/psalmist
D-Mun and Fred Council V, Background Vocals
D-Mun and Fred Council V, Background Arrangement
Will Suddeth, Piano and Synthesizer Bass
D-Mun, Organ & other instruments
Fred Council V, Live Drums
Kathryn Joy Foster & D Mun, Spoken word
Warren Harris, Master

Kaleidisc International, Cleveland, OH
Record Label and Production House


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