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Introducing Don’t Rock the Boat! Image Development Workshop


Preview Don’t Rock the Boat! Image Development Workshop brochure Become the drawing power in any environment. don’t rock the Boat! is a full- day, instructor-led image development workshop pioneered by Kathryn Joy Foster for general, corporate and religious audiences.

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Sample Kathryn’s penmanship by browsing and buying her spiritual reinvention tools. Don’t Rock the Boat is the Signature Course for the International Ambassador Institute. It is also a part of the collection under PROJECT N.O.A.H.

“Wherever you want to go in life, your soul must get there first”.      Kathryn Joy Foster, Destiny Coach

contact: Kathryn Joy Foster, Destiny Coach

phone: 216-486-8615



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Don’t Rock the Boat Image Development Workshop

Your irresistibility reflects the mark of distinction

Seasoned instructional designer, Kathryn Joy Foster gracefully develops authentic instructor-led courses and self-study curriculum for both general and religious audiences. Her role as destiny coach and performance consultant gives substance to each instruction from the Operation NOAH Project–Neutralizing Onslaughts Against the Home, which unveils just how irresistible humanity has been created. Each statement has been masterfully crafted to skillfully usher each participant from candid transparency to complete transformation. Foster engages and entertains the joy and the more mature as she imparts applicable life skills. These timeless principles prove to be the paradigm in image development. Those who have totally reinvented themselves from the inside out will be among those who are globally sought out as ambassadors.

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Here’s what you will learn

contact information for Kathryn Joy Foster: or 216-486-8615