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The Making of a Masterpiece

Behind every masterpiece is the designer anticipating uninterrupted fellowship.

In the beginning, God was playing in the dirt. You know that some of your best inventions may surface when you are just having a little fun. Afterward, He added approximately seventy percent of H2O, i.e., water, to his fragile composition. You may be thinking that God was making a mud pie, but the distinction was the life He breathed into that seemingly insignificant clay model.

Now this creation was formed into His own likeness, with absolutely no substitute additives. And when He spoke words of life into his heart, man became a portrait of God’s own image too. This one-of-a-kind man rolled off the assembly line in perfection. In fact, every void was filled and then sealed with God’s very own unconditional love. Nothing was broken, missing, or even lacking. Then God chuckled and said to Jesus Christ his Son and the Holy Spirit, “What a splitting image of us.” He then stepped back and remarked, “That’s very good!” Always remember that what God calls very good, we term as excellent.

During the course of life, you may have experienced many or just a few nicks, chips, dents, bruises, and/or stains, but the Lord used the nails from the cross of Jesus Christ to reconstruct all your brokenness: remove the spots and iron out the wrinkles to make every crooked place, straight and the rough place, smooth. Even if the pain seems to be beyond repair right now, you can bring every piece and every hope to God for complete restoration.

When you allow God’s miracle working power to resuscitate you, a heavenly extreme makeover is inevitable. He tenderly works from the inside out, so you can progressively experience divine order, balance, wholeness, fullness, and overflow first within your very soul. Therefore, you can expect transformation in every part of your life: spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, relational, and intellectual.

You can try to do it all by yourself, but the end will be better when you open your heart to receive your new beginning in Christ that is reserved expressly for you. Place your heart in God’s hand right now and fully access the kingdom of God as a heir to the throne.

Email and ask for Accessibility, the unframed artwork in jpeg format that you can frame.